Great Short Term Advance

This is a great short term opportunity to monetize a locked in contract with Viacom and a TV Series where they purchased the right to 80 episodes over the next 12 month.

See the details below and reach out to me immediately if you are interested and I can send you a detailed packet.

  • Monetize a 1 year purchase by MTV (Viacom) of TV Series Episodes

  • 80 thirty minute episodes at $6,250 each for a total contract of $500K

  • Distributor takes 22.5% commission

  • Net to TV Series is $387,500 over 4 payments in 12 months

  • 15% IRR = $33,772 over 12 months based on 4 payments of $96,875

  • Assignment of receivable from Distributor to TV Series

  • Includes Personal Guarantee

  • Assignment paperwork framework included

  • IRR can be negotiated

Please contact me for more information at or 919-324-2945.

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