Understand Your Data


At AlternativeXGroup we are all about helping you better understand your Data.  Whether you are buying or selling a royalty stream, or developing a new reporting application to help you better understand any financial data, we can help.


Our team has over 20 years in the finance and technology space across multiple industries from Finance, Entertainment, Patents and Entertainment.


We look at every project with a fresh approach to understanding the needs of the client and then utilizing a proven model of delivery to ensure client satisfaction. 

Due Diligence



Due Diligence is one of the most important aspects of buying or selling a royalty based asset.  


Our Due Diligence services dig deep into the not only into the assets themselves but can also extend to the individuals and entities that are selling the assets.


Due Diligence starts with the ownship and contracts associated either with the ownership the royalties associated.  Depending on the industry, our experts will completely vet the asset and provide easy to understand summaries of our finding to ensure that you know what is being bought or sold.  




Through our services and listing services, we come across deals all the time. Our goal is to connect buyer and seller together in the most effecient manner possible in public or private transactions.  


If you are a buyer who is looking for specific assets or asset classes, or a seller who needs to discreetly dispose of an asset, we can help.


Just check out the Buyer or Seller section of the website for more details.

Financial Analysis



Depending on the industry and type of royalty stream, we can provide a wide range of analysis from just consolidation and reporting to full forecasting and modeling.


We have developed a proprietary set of templates and financial models that accelerate our ability to analyze and report on this type of date quickly and in a format that is easy to review.


Music Catalog analysis is a specialty or our firm and we are experts in finding out what is driving the underlying revenue streams to best understand the longevity or a catalog or individual song and then putting a price on the overall value of the asset.




With over 20 years experience in Big Data and Analytics, we know how to build industrial strength technology solutions.  


Whether you are looking for an advanced spreadsheet template, or a full blown web application that imports and models data for analysis and forecasting, we have the experience to design, develop and deliver the application you need.


Our services team can completely outsource the solution, or work with your internal team to develop and deploy.