AlternativeXGroup leverages years of experience

The founders at Alternative X Group pioneered royalty based financing in markets ranging from entertainment, energy to patents.  They created the first marketplace for royalty based alternative assets and have built financial connections across the world.


Our main expertise is in analyzing and brokering sales in entertainment, energy and patents.  We have the ability to provide due diligence, financial analysis and ultimately broker the sales of these assets as well.


Technology is also a backbone of our core skills.  Not only in building out market place exchanges, but also in building high performance financial analytical tools that run analysis across a broad spectrum of differnt financial and other data types.


Meet the Team

Sean Peace


Sean has started several companies over the past few years including Song Vest and The Royalty exchange both of which were royalty marketplaces. He has financial expertise across multiple industries from Entertainment, Energy, Patents and more.  Prior to that he worked for one of the largest privately held analytics software companies in the world selling to fortune 1000 companies.

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