We provide Alternative Investment Financial Solutions for royalty based products or assets in Entertainment, Patents and Energy.  If you are looking to finance, divest or sell assets that create or can be packaged to create royalty streams, then we can help you structure and find qualified buyers who can purchase.

Buy Royalties



If you are looking to buy royalty based assets, our marketplace lists prevetted deals available for purchase.  With each listing, we provide buyers with the due diligence and financial analysis they need to make the best decision possible. Sign Up today to stay up to date on new listings.

Sell Royalties



If you are looking to evaluate, package and or sell your royalty stream, we can help you make the best decision.  Whether that means selling, or providing an advance, we have access to the right financial people and institutions to get the top dollar for your assets.




We provide a broad range of services from due diligence, to financial analysis, to technology reporting applications.  In addition to royalty services, we also provide high end business analytic services with big data. We focus from building scalable warehouses to advanced analysis and forecasting.


"The team at AlternativeXGroup helped us analyze a music catalog we were looking to finance to better understand the real risks associated with the changing marketplace of music royalties so we could better predict the future income streams"


Alex Heiche - Sound Royalties

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